Our company was founded in 1990 is producing hinges, wheels, fittings and hangers for sliding doors and overhead runway systems. Today, our company is being placed to our new modern facilities in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki in a building of 4.000 sq.m. Mixing the knowledge and experience of her founding father, Mr. Ioannidis Thanasis (who has been producing hinges since 1982), and with the new methods of production, Ioannidis Bros S.a. has managed in a shake to be consecrated as one of the best in the kind.

Today, Delta Ioannidis Bros S.a., is producing and disposing to the domestic and national market, a great gamut of runway systems, wheels and hinges, for massive applications in heavy industrial constructions and in lighter-type constructions.

In 2003, another prime goal has been achieved till today. The company has been placed among the Quality Systems and embodied the System ISO 9001:2008 perfecting by it the supply of its products such as its services.